Remember, every child has the right to education. Education is the only means that can make their life easier and can narrow the gap between their world and the real world. Education can help in knowing and tapping their unmatched skill ste and further help them in building their own space in this world. The objective here is to pull out ability from disability. 

Parents with kids on spectrum always have a big concern regarding their education. Autistic kids view and understand the world in a different way. Getting them a right environment where they can learn is a big challenge. Such environment should be created where they can be taught on individual basis as well as in a group depending on their learning ability. Intelligence level of many kids on the spectrum is remarkable. Its just that they understand things differently. Through child specific methods and education this understanding barrier can be overcome. Some kids learn through gestures and actions, some are visual learners they learn through pictures. They all have the ability to learn, we have to find out their individual style of learning.

Enable the Disabled; Translate Disability into Ability; Capability, a winning Opportunity-Indeed a Reality, Dr Veena Kumari

If we are pointing at an object, "Car" a normal child would be able to process all three, the word Car, pointing gesture and the picture of the car. But it may not be the case with autistic child. He may process one thing at a time, may be a car, or the pointing gesture or the image. Splitting the concept into small parts can help in understand the what we are trying to tell.

Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you're needed by someone. Martina Navratilova

Education here doesn't mean academics only. It is also about teaching the life skills which can help them in their daily life. When we say life skills whole array of daily activities from brushing teeth to going to bed that a person does from morning till bed time comes into the picture. To make them self dependent its is very important that they should master the life skills.

Do not tell them what they can't do but tell them what they can do and  then see the miracles happen.

 There are lots of teaching methods being followed all over the world. Our effort is to educate all the parents and others about them and incorporate them as per the need to educate our young genius minds.



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