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Children beyond bounds is a small initiative to develop a platform where everyone who is associated with ASD and other developmental disorders can come under one umbrella and talk about their stories. Here at Children beyond bounds you have the freedom to speak your mind. We believe that  no teaching is successful until we practically apply it. We want to bring together all the parents, teachers, doctors  and therapists so that they can share their learning and experiences with each other and help in finding the answers to our questions.  .

It truly is a joy to be a parent. It is one of the greatest joys in life. But every step of the way there are challenges. This is true for parents of all children; however, if your child suffers from any ailment or disability, the challenge is multifold. Not only, are there difficulties with your child but also  with your own self in dealing with the situation. And on top of that is the confusion of which path to follow, which and whose advice to take. But, no matter how helpless and worn down one feels, a parent cannot give up. That’s the Golden Rule. It is the key to any life situation but  when it comes to one’s child it is the only motivating factor that keeps the ball rolling. Because if you give up, you are not just giving up on the situation, but giving up on your child. 

Don’t give up before they learn to try. Ultimately they will learn, but in their own way and at their own pace.

Recovery is possible. There are so many recovery stories all around the world.  Its time to get inspiration from them and make your story a success story. The only way you can help a child, is to believe in your ability to make things better. With positive mind and hardwork one can see miracles happen. Be positive and get help from everyone.

       The only disability in life is a bad attitude.’ Scott Hamilton.

Family Stories

Share your story and inspire others. Remember "Recovery is possible".

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CBB Blog

"Together we can" Share and discuss your experiences and challenges and make impossible possible.

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Every Child has a right to education. Learn different ways and methods to educate kids with special needs.

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Support and get support in dealing with Autism spectrum disorder.

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